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Jumat, 06 Mei 2011


I don't know how else. I've done everything, but I'd never be the best for you, I obey any request but you never know whatever my desires, i'm promises, never hurt who I lovesure .....! but, you turned away from me and leave me alone. I don't know what to let alone to convince you, O my purple ,,,,!! you're very difficult to reach me, my very difficult to understand. or was I too expect attention from you ....!!? i know, all about understanding and mutual trust. but, whether understanding and trust that I gave was not enough for you ...!!? akh, I'm tired and then leave of you.
When you're busy with all of your business, I'm understand. when you don't have time for me, I will understand. when you do not reply to massage and lift ny call, I will understand. But, as I already do not love you anymore that's when your turn to know ....!!and when your turn comes to understand, you actually really understand the meaning of an understanding. You know, I was just trying to scare you, just wanted to test the tension Your JealousBut, bad luck indeed did you wait for that moment, then you go and never looked. and all expenses went back down to me....
Now, you are not alone anymore as well with me. But, somehow I still feel jealous of you.crazy, it's this feeling out of my control. I then tried to forget you. trus and then ....! was initially successful but then My dreams about you back like a hurricane katrina tempestuous that hit me. really can not control. you know, regret that it came at the end of the story pobud, but believe me this is not the end of my story and I will not have to regret the way that I choose ....!! hey .... know, I have been getting what I want, although it was not you. But, all I get from you is not been I got from him. attention, time and affection ....!!
You know, this is not a problem my love is crazy. But, just a matter of time that will be proved right or not my decision. trust me, there will be a time where I can feel you what have you inflicted on me. may not pass my hand but could be someone else ....!! indeed, I did not mean curse you. But, I just wanted to feel that his name thee hurt. This pain was excruciating.
While waiting for momet retaliation for you, I can only smile to remember everything you have done. swallow the bitterness of the smile, the smile that swallowed suffering. akh,, really sad self. but, it's ok. hopefully I can be more wise sense of this life and will never fall into the same hole for the third time ........!!
 Maaf yah,,, bahsa inggrisnya blepotan....! hehehe

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